The Native Cooking Award 2013 in Knuthenlund (Denmark)

Last weekend took place in Denmark at the Knuthenlund Estate (2 hours south from Copenhagen) this amazing event called the Native Cooking Award event, gathering chefs from 5 different countries. OneBite Consulting, via Laurent Vanparys, was requested to coordinate the french and belgian countries and ensure the presence of some foreign journalists.
The concept is simple : it is a cooking competition with fire and water only, without any tools or electricity.
Ingredients provided by Knuthenlund were lamb, milk, cheese, apples juice and vinegar, honey and salt… and of course all the nature (from green fields to beaches and forests) part of the surroundings. Bikes were offered to the cooks to move into the domain enabling them to forage and gather the ingredients they needed for their menu.
The 5 countries to compete were Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France and Norway. Each tam was composed of 5 chefs : 1 judge (not cooking but member of the panel judges) and 4 cooks including one team captain. Amongst them some chefs of our Agency (Sang Hoon Degeimbre as Belgian Judge, Christophe Pauly as member of the Generation W collective and chef of Le Coq aux Champs, Nicolas Darnauguilhem and Damien Bouchéry) and other famous chefs from France (David Toutain, Alexandre Couillon, Christophe Saintagne or Chloé Charles).
On Day 1, the teams were receiving the detailed rules and shown the different locations with GPS maps. The teams also were informed about the products the farm will give to them, they had the evening to think and build their menu.

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On Day 2 took place the competition itself : 5 hours per team to cook a 3 courses menu for the 5 countries judges + 2 global judges (including your humble servant . After a great and intense event, the results were announced : France wins the contest, Norway 2nd and Belgium 3rd. But beside this, what we all remember of these 2 days is the beautiful hospitality and atmosphere reigning within all participants and attendees, the amazing quality of the products available, the beautiful creativity and tastes of the menu created by the teams and the fantastic fun we all had.
And to keep an unforgettable souvenir of these 2 days, here is the beautiful film made  by Thain Toutain…
Thank you Knuthenlund, thank you teams !
Looking forward to next year !
(PHOTOS CREDIT : Photo : Lars Gundersen /