Neptune : The Last Supper

Everything began with a September market and with an early picking on Yo De Beule’s generous lands in Ternat. A last dinner is getting ready, serenely and cheerfully. No more seats available for a long time!  Lovingly chartered by his self-made captain Nicolas Darnauguilhem , the atypical  Brussels restaurant Neptune, is  casting off for his last crossing with his crew.

photo 1

At precise 8 pm the happy dinner guests are there. The enjoyment is communicative even if we already feel a sight of nostalgia. A freshly written menu is put on every table. The team is ready, the dishes shine and treasures raised up from the cellar announce the drunkenness of a memorable evening.

The chef wants an unpublished meal, as he likes inventing them, stemming from the unexpected meeting in a wicker basket, from the squid and from the root. Dishes scroll as an autumn collection. Capucine, mackerels, parsnip, lamb breads, beets, cabbages, burnt leeks, turbot, aged beef, celeriac, oyster leaves, sorrel and vine peaches spin in plates. Each dish is a unique creation, at the same time accurate and surprising, taking our free happy souls at the dawn as if this moment of exchange had to last forever.

photo 3

Neptune is and will stay an incredible experience for its chef, its team and its customers.

A subtle taste remains, this so particular signature we shall be happy to recognize soon, here or somewhere else.

It was in Brussels, on Saturday, September 28th in 2013.