Founder and Managing Director

After 18 years as Human Resources and Project Manager consultant for international groups or local companies, it was time for Laurent to make a move and live from what is his passion since more then 10 years : gastronomy.

Since an unforgettable meal at restaurant Pierre Gagnaire in Paris in 2002 for his thirtieth birthday, he started to eat less but better. He could live up with that during his 5 first years visiting many of the most famous european restaurants. But frustration and curiosity raised more and more as his passion for chefs, food, wines… a whole new world he decided to discover more intensively.

The creation with a group of friends of the Gastros on Tour blog in 2006, now only on Facebook, was the answer to his need for sharing : the pleasure and emotions brought by all these meals, travels and meetings had to be shared and this blog was the chosen way to do it.

While the blog came more and more visible, his passion didn’t changed and since a few years, Laurent is dedicating all his free time to travel for eating. As a result, Laurent has built a close and sincere relationship with many of these chefs  and personalities met in restaurants all across Europe.

Member of the World50Best Academy, contributor to the Opinionated About Dining list, organizer of food travels and special dinners, always happy frequent eater (around 200 meals per year), participant to the Cook It Raw 2010 event in Lapland, Laurent has been involved in several initiatives related to his passion enriching his network and increasing his desire to change of life.

Passionate he was during these last years, passionate he’ll remain in this future made of new perspectives fitting perfectly what Laurent wants to achieve in coming years : be happy and keeping enjoying life with people who offered him so many emotions and pleasure since so many years.

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Photo credits : Thai Toutain.