Restaurant LA GRENOUILLERE * – La Madelaine sous Montreuil (France)

A meal at La Grenouillère can’t be explained, it has to be lived. It has to be experienced and shared, as all what is offered there is unique. The interior, the service, the setting, the materials, the rooms and of course the food. Since 2 years, Alexandre’s cuisine has reached another level and dimension. Thanks to important and impressive renovation work of both dining room and kitchen combined with the creation of  8 new fantastic rooms (hunter huts), this little family white house nested in a beautiful green surrouding close to Montreuil Sur Mer has been through major changes, resulting in a kind of new start, some would say new life. Alexandre’s universe is fascinating and intriguating as never seen before. A menu is a journey made of multiple courses, all playing with your senses, emotions and habits. Radicality, impertinence, not to say provocative are a few words Alexandre uses to describe his style and (strong) identity. We agree on it and would add honesty, taste, modernity and creativity. Being considered by many as the most interesting chef in France these days, we are of course extremely honoured to count Alexandre amongst our crew, being the first one to join our agency.