Restaurant YLAJALI * – Oslo (Norway)

At first glance, he could be the owner of a tattoo shop or the lead singer of a metal rock band. And the design and sound of his restaurant website wouldn’t indicate something else. But appearances can be wrong. Not that he’s not responsive to such arts, but mainly because behind this apart and unique character is hiding a cook. Since 2013 and his award for the best restaurant of Norway, Norwegian chef Even Ramsvik is certainly part of the new generation of young Nordic talents contributing to the resonance and reputation of the region. At Ylajali, name of the 1 Michelin star restaurant Even runs in Oslo as head chef and co-owner, he is expressing his taste for nature, organic local ingredients and respect for seasonality through a menu built like a book (prologue, chapters, epilogue) inviting each guest to a delicate, generous and extremely tasty journey into his own universe. Humble person, almost shy at first, Even is an appealing and talented chef we are extremely proud to welcome in our team.

Photo Credit : Tommy Andresen