Restaurant JIN * – Paris (France)

It’s in Spring 2013 that restaurant owner Nina Nikkhou and chef Taku Watanabe have opened the restaurant JIN in Paris and their success was immediate. Quickly awarded with a star, the restaurant has become the reference in sushis fine dining in Paris, France but also Europe.

Both of them are original from Japan and have brought in their suitcases all the codes, traditions and knowledge of a high-level sushi restaurant to Paris. Some of the traditional ingredients are coming from Japan, including the sakés and teas – one of Nina’s passions, except for the fishes that are coming from Europe to guarantee the most exceptional freshness and quality.

Visiting JIN is like being transported to Japan for a couple of hours, eating beautiful dishes and authentic sushis prepared by Taku and his team while Nina leads the service and cares with details and attention to the pleasure of each guest.

We are extremely pleased and honored to welcome them in the OBC family !