Restaurant TALLER – Copenhagen (Denmark)

Karlos Ponte Maldonado is a progressive and experimental chef diving into the new cuisine of Venezuela using traditional products from the South American region along with local danish produce to bring the food to life at his new restaurant Taller in Copenhagen.

At Taller, Karlos serves high quality food with its roots in the Venezuelan kitchen this is why the restaurant has a Spanish name. The name Taller means “workshop”, and the idea of the kitchen as a workshop is crucial for the way food is prepared and served at Taller.

Taller’s cuisine is based on the Venezuelan kitchen, which is as diverse and fascinating as the Venezuelan landscape, with its Caribbean shores, Amazonian jungle, vast grassy plains and the towering Andes. Venezuela is a cultural kaleidoscope, offering very flavorfull and aromatic food, where it is easy to find the 5 flavors, specially umami and salt.

Karlos’s food in Taller has also a big influence from his former experiences in Noma, el bulli hotel and the south asian kitchen. In Copenhagen he has got success because of what people call high quality food out of the nordic flavor profile.


Newsletter // 01.2017

Looking back to the last weeks of 2016 End of the year 2016 was nicely busy for Karlos with a week of cooking in Israel at Popina restaurant : 120 guests per night and lots of beautiful memories and people met ! Just before New Year, another great event took place, this time Copenhagen where the famous…

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