Restaurant KADEAU * – Copenhagen & Borhnolm (Denmark)

In the tracks of world famous René Redzepi, Nicolai Nørregaard is representing the new generation of chefs defending and promoting Nordic cuisine. Native, as his friends and partners Magnus and Rasmus Kofoed, from the lovely danish island of Bornholm, Nicolai started to run a restaurant named Kadeau on the island with the Kofoed. Nested on the top of a quiet and beautiful beach, the place offers an unforgettable setting for the eater looking for a mind blowing experience. A few years ago, the trio decided to move to the capital and opened Kadeau Copenhagen, while keeping Kadeau Bornholm open during summertime. In Copenhagen, Nicolai and Kadeau quickly built a solid reputation awarded with a first Michelin star a few months only after opening. Even more then most of the Nordic chefs, Nicolai is defending and cooking products not only from his region but above all – and as much as he can – from his small island of Bornholm. Copenhagen or Bornholm : 2 restaurants, 2 locations but one name and one spirit : Kadeau, the spirit of Bornholm. After some memorable visits and fantastic meals in both restaurants, we knew that Nicolai was definitely a brilliant and unique talent, a chef we are extremely pleased to welcome and serve in our team !

Photo Credit : Marie Louise Munkegaard.


Newsletter // 11.2016

Kadeau gets a new neighbour : Nabo ! The new restaurant Nabo (‘Neighbor’) has just opened at Wildersgade 10A in Copenhagen. Nabo is the new, local restaurant, opening right next door to Michelin-restaurant Kadeau, in the former Eldorado rooms. “Nabo is your new, loving neighbor,” owner Rasmus Kofoed says, “that not only serves your dinner and lunch. You can…

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