Kadeau gets a new neighbour : Nabo !

The new restaurant Nabo (‘Neighbor’) has just opened at Wildersgade 10A in Copenhagen. Nabo is the new, local restaurant, opening right next door to Michelin-restaurant Kadeau, in the former Eldorado rooms.


Nabo is your new, loving neighbor,” owner Rasmus Kofoed says, “that not only serves your dinner and lunch. You can also visit Nabo for a morning coffee, a glass of wine or even a cold beer after work. You will be able to bring your colleagues to Nabo for a lunch meeting as well your friends or family for private dining.

The cuisine of Nabo will be local and seasonal, and revolve around ingredients and produce from Bornholm. However, Nabo will not resemble its more famous neighbor, Rasmus reassures. “Nabo will be a more accessible restaurant with a simple, Nordic menu, and with a price level that allows you to go out dining even on a Tuesday. There will be a Today’s special, a la carte, and set menus to accommodate any need.


Nabo will be more than your regular restaurant” Rasmus adds. “We’re breaking down the outer walls to make way for more light, and when spring comes, also for outdoor serving. You can also drop buy Nabo’s little outlet to buy wine, juice from Bornholm, seasonal ingredients or even a take-away dinner to bring home to the family. In that way, Nabo will hopefully acommodate many needs. In any case, Nabo will always have a cup of coffee or maybe wine ready for you, just like a good neighbor should.”

Theis Brydegaard (former Kadeau, The Fat Duck) will be running the kitchen, and with five years of experience as a head chef at Kadeau, he is a very experienced force when it comes to the New Nordic cuisine and the Bornholm terroir.

For bookings, go to www.nabonabo.com

Photos credits : Kirsten Jepsen/ Gastronomisk Innovation

Munchies Chef’s night out : here it is !

A few months ago, the Munchies guys have followed Rasmus, Nicolai and Magnus a long through Bornholm and Copenhagen… definitely a movie not to miss !! Enjoy…

Kadeau expands to Hotel ownership !

The team behind Kadeau expands the business and with the merger with Hotel Nordlandet they can now add hotel owners to their business card. The merger emphasises Bornholm as the backbone of the Kadeau business.


“We live and breathe Bornholm, and it should be no secret that it has always been our greatest desire to provide our guests with an experience that is more than just the actual meal. The merger with Hotel Nordlandet allows us to give our guests an all-around experience – a story with an authentic backbone in the nature of Bornholm, its traditions and rich nature, locally produced ingredients with a point of departure in Bornholm today, which is so dear to our hearts. We have always dreamed of having a place open year-round, as a way to pay back to the island, “says Rasmus.


Nicolai cooking at Gelinaz !

On November 10, Nicolai will be in Brussels at the Gelinaz HQ event cooking with 19 others chefs while 40 others will take part of the worldwide Gelinaz Grand Shuffle.

A 15 hours unique event not to miss !!