Chef & owner of Restaurant LE NEPTUNE – Geneva (Switzerland)

Nicolas Darnauguilhem is one of those cooks who were trained by the trips they made as much as by the places where he worked for. Europe, Asia and America, it is rich in many influences that Nicolas has developed a singular way of considering gastronomy, precise, generous, surprising and elegant. In his restaurant Le Neptune in Geneva, he offers this free and lively cuisine.

He is also a responsible chef because if his cuisine is greedy it is also healthy and digestible because feeding people is an important thing and Nicolas thinks it is his responsibility to give pleasure while making sure that what guests enjoying at Neptune is also good for them.

This approach to living is at the heart of Nicolas’ culinary philosophy. With his brigade, he cooks the best products of the region, carefully selected from the market, from organic farms, small producers, local market gardeners and artisanal fishing. Then he sublimates these products of high quality trying to transform them as little as possible in order to preserve their energy, nutritive and taste qualities.

Photo credit : Elias Amari