4 hands dinners with Mikael Svensson (Kontrast, Oslo)

On October 11th and 12th, I have the pleasure to welcome our friend and 1* chef Mikael Svensson from restaurant Kontrast in Oslo !

Two collaborative 4 hands dinners celebrating friendship, Nordic cuisine and the fall season !


Please contact the restaurant for more details.

Kim joins Chef & Sommelier as Head Chef !

Kim Mikkola is my first head chef  ! I have had sous chefs and chefs de partie before, but now with the 6th birthday of Chef & Sommelier so close, I feel that i want to turn a page in our book.

We co-create and run Chef & Sommelier, the gardening, the foraging and all the preserving projects, already creating amazing results !


Kim has been sous chef at Noma for several years, before that he has been working at OLO (*) here in Helsinki and with Markus Aremo at restaurant Carma (*).

Energetic and charismatic, he comes from small kitchens and understands my philosophy very well.

New menu starts on October 4th !

We change our first menu together with Kim on October 4th.

We are going to make true of 2 my dreams :

1/ We start focusing even more into Finland with the produce we use, going to aim for 99% for the end of December and we have a lot of finnish traditions in mind that we want to start honoring more than before

2/ Our own projects of making vinegars, salts etc will create even more of a unique flavor difference.


Coming events…

I will be at Food on the Egde in Galway at the end of the month.
Early November Kim and me are going to Oslo for the Chef’s dinner at Kontrast.

Stay tuned for more details !