Restaurant BOUCHERY – Brussels (Belgium)

Couple in life as in their restaurant, the Bouchéry are two but all those who know them will tell you they really make one. In the kitchen, Damien Bouchéry is expressing himself with an immense talent, honesty and passion while Benedicte Bantuelle is orchestrating the whole house with an immense … talent, honesty and passion. He’s the water, she’s the fire. Or maybe is it the opposite. And it works. And it’s even more than that. This duo is boosting Brussels food landscape, offering one of the most exciting expression of contemporary gastronomy in town these days. With his passion for foraging and cooking herbs, plants, flowers and vegetables, Damien finds his inspiration in the nature. And his main goal is to bring this nature in the plate.  In a pure, clean, often poetic but always tasty interpretation. Benedicte injects the soul of the house discreetly in elegance, smoothness and efficiency, caring above all of your well-being, suggesting some wine pairings she has the secret. Together, this duo is Bouchéry, beautiful people with beautiful talents we are proud to represent.