Restaurant L’AIR DU TEMPS ** – Liernu (Belgium)

Korean born and Belgian adopted Sang Hoon is one of the few self-teached chef who succeeded to gain a worldwide reputation in 10 years time. Started from scratch in 1997 and awarded by 2 Michelin stars in 2009, Sang Hoon has recently moved his restaurant L’Air du Temps to a location more appropriated to his ambitions and cooking philisophy. Being one of the first belgian chef to have his own gardens delivering all kind of vegetables and plants needed for his creativity, Sang Hoon has now a beautiful restaurant located in a huge farmhouse, 360° surrounded by fields and gardens. The building also offers 5 modern rooms and a cooking loft where the chef provides cooking lessons for 12 happy few on a monthly basis. From his new kitchen, Sang Hoon is delivering a very delicate cuisine mixing Belgian and Korean influences in a modern way. Looking for more pure and refined tastes, San’s dishes are not always reflecting his permanent quest for the most innovative techniques. But this is not the most important for him anymore. The quality of a product, the pleasure of a taste, the emotions of a dish. There is his focus. And there is our pleasure.