In order to promote, support and help chefs and culinary personalities in their professional and personal development, we are providing a set of “à la carte” services : Ambassador, Agent, Host, Voice, Coach and Project Leader.

When a chef joins our agency, he automatically subscribes to the roles of Ambassador and Agent :  OneBite Consulting will be the dedicated Ambassador and Agent of the chef. In addition to this, the chef can if relevant for him add the Voice and/or Host roles to his services scope.

Depending on his individual needs and requests, the chef will also be allow to call our Coach and/or Project Leader services when required.

For more details and informations about each roles, please check the links here below.

For more informations regarding pricings and Terms & Conditions, please contact use this contact form.

Photo credits : Thai Toutain.



Stateless and without prejudices, our corporate policy is subjective, assumed and sincere,  without other concern than the pleasure to participate in the international radiation of the most attractive chefs which are given to us to know. As ambassadors, we aim to promote a loud and clear image of our “chefs crew” to increase their visibility…

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Agitators of sparks in a network of stars, we shall dream together of new meetings, of improbable evenings or short-lived entertainments, here or at the end of the world, we shall create the unexpected event. As agents, we shall mobilize our network of contacts to stimulate the meetings and organize press conferences, exchanges, professional events,…

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As epicureans above all, a restaurant table is our playground and it is around her that we all hope to live some of our most beautiful stories. We will be pleased to organize influential dinners for networking, company’s event or press relations, around two, four, six…. hands combining all the principles of conviviality and leaving…

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As professional in communication, we shall make the buzz and use our social networks to make your know-how famous and visible. On demand, a tailor made Press Relations offer is also available. This service answers your punctual or regular needs for boosting your strategy and your communications actions : any news related to your restaurant,…

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Plenty of ideas, experiences, expertises, creativity and energy to share at your service in order to answer your questions all-out  (culinary reflection, suggestion of improvements, individual or collective coaching in management, assistance for recruitment, accounting or legal support). On estimate according to your requirements. Photo credits : Thai Toutain.

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Project Leader

Be able to delegate all these projects which would facilitate you the task to the everyday life but that every day you postpone for lack of time and resources… We can support you on your demand. We have the network of skills and the capacity to orchestrate your project (editing a book, broadcasting a documentary,…

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