Restaurant SATURNE – Paris (France)

Sven Chartier doesn’t like to talk. He definitely prefers to cook. This 28 years old blonde and bearded young chef, with swedish roots – this explains a lot, will never hide his humility and shyness. But when it’s about cooking, he’s expressing himself with great talent and conviction.

3 years ago, Sven (together with Ewen Lemoigne) opened Saturne (anagram of Natures) moving a step further in his career developement with the creation of this new restaurant, more elegant, more comfortable while keeping their humility and philosophy intact.

At Saturne, Ewen Lemoigne has built what is one of the most impressive organic wine cellar of Paris (not to say Europe ?) while Sven, supported by a brigade of 5 cooks, is delivering a much more elaborated cuisine, more precise, subtile, modern, offering unique seasonal products at their best paired with Ewen’s wonderful wines. Each dish created by Sven is organic oriented, combining textures, flavours and temperatures in an always close to perfect balanced way. Today, Sven has reached a real maturity, assuming his style and aware of his strenghts, he’s continuously unsatisfied and challenging himself to move forward seeking for the best. The talent of this chef is just a pure little jewel we are pleased to see grow and progress years after years.